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Task: Field Visit

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You are required to read the best practice guide Habitat Impact Assessment: Principles in Practice before undertaking this task.

  • Make access arrangements and undertake a field visit to identify one of the habitats you learned about earlier in this unit.
  • Identify the indicator plant species to confirm it is the correct habitat.
  • Carry out impact assessment for three plots following the best practice guide (e.g. blanket bog) for that habitat.
  • Record the results in a data sheet which you can find in the best practice forms list.
  • Make a note of any areas which may be sensitive to impacts and log them in your task sheet
  • Present the results to your tutor.
  • Watch the following video which highlights the importance of safe working

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Coming home safely is the most important thing in any work activity.

Please ensure you undertake a risk assessment for field work and follow a lone working procedure.

'Andrew Pursey's story' by HSE. Crown Copyright, used under Open Government Licence.