Location 13

Iris germanica ‘Jane Phillips’

  • Some herbaceous stock plants are grown in tunnels to improve their growth rate so that they provide more splits when divided, increasing productivity. Most herbaceous stock plants are grow on outside beds however.


Pieris japonica ‘Flaming Silver’

  • Variegated plants have less green chlorophyll containing tissues and so their growth rate is slower than their non-variegated equivalents.


Callistemon citrinus

  • Some less hardy varieties are grown on the nursery for sale in the south of England or the less frosty climates on the islands around Scotland.


Plant trials are regularly carried out to test the best compost mixes, pest or disease controls, drainage requirements or fertiliser levels for different plant species. These trays of plants with large labels are currently in trial.


Spaces are left in the crop for ease of access, but spaces also appear in the crop through the year as plants are sold. Plants that remain on the nursery are often then spread out into these spaces which gives them more room to grow and makes them saleable later in the year.



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