All About Forge

Design and publish responsive web resources quickly & easily.

Forge is a new authoring tool to make the creation, editing and publishing of learning resources both faster and easier. Designed from the ground up to give you a comfortable user experience, creating responsive online content has never been easier!

Create an engaging learning environment for your students, using rich media content from the web into a consistent, easy to digest format. Broken links in a resource? Re-editing is also a breeze! With Forge you can easily keep your learning space up to date with the latest information relevant to your teaching.

You are in control! Your Forge profile will keep all you resources organised, and you can export and share exactly what you want.

Modern Design

Built with the modern web in mind, Forge uses the Bootstrap responsive framework to ensure compatibility across student devices. Publishing static html sites, Forge will allow you to create learning resources compatible with the new Brightspace VLE or for hosting on another platform.


What Forge offers

Rich Text Editing

Familiar authoring experience...

File Management

Manage your projects files...

Themed Resources

Change theme in one click...

Responsive Design

Looks great on the move...


Experimental narration feature...

Cloud Hosted

Edit from anywhere...


How it looks...

Editing a resource

general use
General editing

Instant preview

Previewing developments

File manager

files management
Uploading files

Mathematical equations

files management
Inserting equations as an image


Created so far...

preview image

Open Educational Practices
Created by Scott Connor

Built in Forge


preview image

Designing your Research Project
Created by Mei-Li Roberts

Built in Forge


preview image

NVivo 12 - User Guide
Created by Kerry Hannigan

Built in Forge


preview image

Digital Media for Online Teaching Materials
Created by Nicki Brain

Built in Forge


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