You currently work in the administrative office of a large private housing association; you deal with a large number of people's personal data on your system.  A number of your customers have contacted you to say that they have been receiving unexpected high numbers of junk mail deliveries and an increasing amount of cold calls over the last few weeks, they have been trying to find out how their personal information has got into the hands of these people, but the only common factor that they can identify is that they all rent houses from your organisation.


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This resource was created as part of Jisc funded project to create problem based learning resources for Business Administration level 2. These online resources will be designed to provide engaging practical application of theoretical concepts and legislative requirements, in a variety of work and study contexts.

The resources were written by staff from Business Administration tutors from Hopwood Hall College, and were developed by staff from the Educational Development Unit at the University of the Highlands and Islands.

The materials have been released under a Creative Commons Attribution licence to encourage wider use and sharing.

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