General essentials

Grooming kit

Grooming kit

Soft horse brushes

Click on the brushes to reveal what's in the grooming kit.

  • It is a good idea to have a grooming kit just for shows.
  • Keep this all together in a suitable container.
  • The grooming kit should be clean. No point in grooming the clean horse with dirty brushes.
  • Depending on the competition, you may have other items in the grooming kit.


Click on the tack to reveal what's in the tack kit.

  • Tack will vary according to the competition
  • Tack should be clean
  • Tack wipes or similar to give a once over if need be
  • Protect in travel with a saddle cover if you have one
  • Take spare reins, girth, stirrup leathers and head collar with rope
Basic first aid kit for humans

Basic first aid kit for humans

First aid bag

Make sure basic first aid kit for humans is clearly marked. At most horse competitions there are first aiders on hand for more serious injuries or problems.

Click on the first aid bag to reveal what's in the kit.

Basic first aid kit for horses

Basic first aid kit for horses

First aid sign

Make sure basic first aid kit for horses is clearly marked.

  • Large roll of cotton wool
  • Round-ended curved scissors for trimming hair from wound edges
  • Anti-bacterial scrub eg Hibiscrub or Pevidine
  • Pack of sterile saline — very handy when on the move
  • Ready-to-use poultice eg Animalintex, Poultex
  • Non-stick dressings
  • Gamgee and large scissors for cutting it to size
  • Adhesive bandages
  • A roll of electrical insulating tape 2cm wide
  • A roll of black PVC tape or silver duct tape 7.5 or 10cm wide
  • Antibiotic spray
  • Wound cream such as ‘Dermosil’
  • Small pair of tweezers
  • Thermometer
  • Paper and pencil
  • A bright torch for inspecting wounds in poor light

Click on the first aid sign to reveal what is also in the kit.

Other items

Other items

  • Emergency Shoe removal kit – Although farriers are often in attendance at larger shows
  • Show Details – classes entered and class order, times if possible, route, facilities available
  • Riding hat - as you may have to go into the ring as ‘groom’, many shows state that a hard hat must be worn to enter the ring as assistant to the rider such as in a showing class.
  • Horse Passports – essential
  • Rule books
  • Mobile phone
  • Money
  • Food
Horses hoof care
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