Showing is an opportunity for horses and ponies to compete side by side with others of the same type — from hunters and working hunters to show ponies and native breeds, plus cobs, hacks, seniors and many more. The appropriate tack for each type of showing class will vary and it will be necessary to check with the rules to ensure that the tack used is compliant. If the class is affiliated to a society, it will follow the rules for that society. Sometimes the classes are run under the rules of a society but will not be affiliated.

Check the individual society’s rules for tack as they all have variations, these rules can be changed annually so always check each time. The ruling body for the class is normally stated on the show schedule.

Breed society websites

The British Horse Show Association - This Association is dedicated to promoting the breeding and showing of Hacks, Cobs, Maxi Cobs and Riding Horses.

The British Show Pony Society -  BSPS – This society is for show ponies, show hunter ponies, working hunter ponies and mountain and moorland ponies (adult riders included)

The Coloured Horse and Pony Society (UK)

National Pony Society (Scotland)  The aim of the NPS is to promote the interests in the breeding, improvement, showing and welfare of the Native Breeds and the British Riding Pony in Scotland.

Sports Horse Breeding GB

Sport Horse Breeding of Great Britain is the governing body for RIHS Hunter and Sport Horse classes (including working hunter horses), which are held at major shows throughout the country. As a Member of the World Breeding Federation for Sport Horses they are committed to supporting the industry by way of incentives for breeders, education, information and grading schemes.

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