Endurance riding is an equestrian sport based on controlled long-distance races. It is one of the international competitions recognized by the FEI. There are endurance rides worldwide.

Endurance riding ruling body

Ruling body in GB for Endurance riding is Endurance GB. Visit their webpage for information on rules regarding tack.

Endurance riding

Event saddle

Event saddle

Event saddle showing flatter seat to allow rider to slip their seat when jumping and forward cut flaps for shorter stirrup length. Similar to showjumping saddles

Event saddle labelled

Example of an overgirth used for additional security/safety. Fastens over the top of the saddle and girth, through the part of the martingale strap which the girth is threaded through under the belly. The saddle in the photo is a polo saddle. Overgirths generally have elastic inserts.


Endurance saddle

Endurance saddle

Although normal general purpose saddles can be used, endurance riders usually use one that is designed to be lightweight yet comfortable to horse and rider for long hours of riding. There are saddles designed specifically for endurance riding, though they are not universally used. They are light weight, have wider panels to distribute the weight of the rider and equipment over a larger area and have extra metal rings for the attachment of equipment.


5 point martingale

5 point martingale ×

Grackle noseband

Grackle noseband ×

Hoof boots

Hoof boots ×


Endurance stirrup

Light weight stirrups with a wider tread. For rider comfort.


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Saddle cloth ×
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