One day eventing

A one day event is where a horse and rider combination must complete the 3 phases of an event in one day: Dressage, Show Jumping & Cross Country. Although, due to the number of competitors, some competitors may do their dressage one day and the show jumping & cross country the next.

Further information

Visit the British Eventing website for more information.

Many of the rules used in BE are the same as in British Dressage. Generally all tack allowed by British Dressage is allowed in BE with the addition of boots, martingales and different types of bits in the show jumping and cross country phases. See BD rules 2016, Section 14 pg 85 onwards.

British Eventing rule book

The rule book for British Eventing can be downloaded. See chapter 7, page 59 -65 for all relevant information on permitted tack.

The following table defines the saddlery that is permitted, not permitted or compulsory at each relevant stage of National Events.

  Riding in exercise areas Lungeing Dressage tests Show jumping & Cross country
Bit guard & tongue guard
Nose net
Ear covers*
Ear plugs
Fly fringe ✘ *** ✘ ***
Snaffle bridle/miklem multi-bridle with permitted bit and without bit clips
Double bridle ✘ ****
Running and Irish martingale
Bib martingale
Side, running reins and chambons
Neck strap
Seat covers
Boots, bandages

English style saddle
Flash, crossed (incl. grackle/Mexican) or dropped noseband only with snaffle bridle
Cavesson noseband
Breast plate
Not permitted
Tongue strap and/or tying down the horse's tongue
Not permitted
Draw reins
Not permitted
Standing martingale
Not permitted
Any other form of martingale or gadget
Not permitted
Sheepskin cheek pieces and any other attachment fitted to the cheek pieces that may affect the Horse's vision.
Not permitted
Sheepskin nosebands
Coloured stirrups
Magnetic stirrups


Ear covers / protective fly hoods are permitted and may provide noise reduction. However, these will be systematically checked by Stewards at the end of the test to ensure that nothing prohibited has been added (i.e. special material) or is covered by the fly hoods. The fly hoods should be discreet should be discreet and should not cover the Horses' eyes.


Compulsory with double bridle


Only permitted if specifically authorised for all Competitors in exceptional climatic conditions by BE Steward


Double bridles are only permitted at Intermediate Novice and above for dressage

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